It’s the best time of the year…Harvest is here!

2020 may have been a tough year so far for a lot of us but not our grapes.  Our fruit looks amazing and our staff is loving to get outside and enjoy the vineyards! Stand by for some delicious wine from this years crop!  It takes anywhere from 7-14 days to get the fruit off the vines.  When do we know when to harvest?  The grapes tell us!  Seriously, each day we go out and take berry samples and test the fruits sweetness with a refractometer.  We squeeze some juice from the grape on to it’s lense and hold it to the sun and it will tell us the brix level of the grapes.  Brix is the measurement of sugar in the fruit and once we hit the magic number we call in the troops to pick!  A few months later Voila, we have wine!